Monday, February 8, 2016

This is Getting Real People!

This is the first post as we head down this journey that Haley has embarked upon. She has decided to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am her mother and will be trying to keep you all up to date on how she is progressing.

Let's start at the beginning. Ever since she was a young child she has had a deep love of Christ, her Father in Heaven and the Gospel. Her testimony is so strong that at times I feel I am leaning on her for strength. She has always been a good person with a big heart and a desire to help others, so when she decided she wanted to serve a mission for our church I was not surprised. She was surprised but no one in the family was. She had plans to get her college education completed, but there was a different plan for her that she had to discover on her own. Our loving Heavenly Father was patient with her while she was struggling with the reality that she was to leave home and school for 18 months and serve the Lord. Haley told us in October 2015 that she had made the decision to follow His plan and not her own. Many tears were shed that day and that was just the beginning of them. What can I say? I will miss this girl but am so proud of her.

She started work on her mission papers, dental appointments, doctor appointments, temple preparation classes, and mission prep classes. This requires a lot of logistics to be worked out due to the fact that she attends college a little over an hour away and does not have a car. She has classes every weekday which means that mom and dad get to pick her up after class, drive her to her appointments at home, then take her back to school before the next day of classes begins. It keeps us busy trying to make sure every appointment is kept and no classes are missed but I wouldn't change it for the world. For in that hour long drive each way she is stuck in the car with me. This is when we get to talk with each other and grow our relationship.

She has grown into such an amazing young woman and I cherish every single minute I get to spend with her. She has brought such a strong spirit into our home and makes me want to be a better person. I've called her my "Sunshine" since she was a little girl and she still fits the nickname. Her is such a joy to be around and always has a smile and that is what makes her my Sunshine.

Now, as of today she has completed her paperwork, submitted it to the Bishop and is awaiting her interview with her Stake President. She seems calm about the whole thing and I am starting to freak out. I want her to have the best possible experience and I tend to over do and over plan things. This is getting real people and my anxiety is raising a little more every day. I am a planner and I need to start planning her wardrobe to take. I can't do that yet because we don't know where she will be going. Thus the anxiety. Luckily she is always there to pull me back in and keep me grounded.

Mailing her dental papers to her bishop. First big step.
January 06, 2016
Please join us as we get her ready to go and watch for updates on here while she is out serving. I promised her I would do a blog so that everyone could read her emails and know what she is experiencing.