Monday, March 14, 2016

Official Video of "The Call Opening"...She is headed to Japan Tokyo South Mission!! Say What?!

Thank you to everyone that came to support Haley Saturday night. Her daddy compiled the video below for us. Her love of Brandon Flowers made it only appropriate that The Killers song "Be Still" be the soundtrack. Thank you to Brandon and The Killers for their amazing music that has filled our home for the past few years and now has a very special place in our hearts. "Rise up like the Son, Labor till the work is done".  (The quality isn't the best because blogger only allows so many mb.)

Haley has headed back up to Utah State University to finish off the semester so posts will be lacking as we prepare for her mission. Catch us as her departure date gets closer.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Spring Break, Wisdom Teeth and "The Call"

Spring break is a wonderful time for all college students. It's a time when you can actually chill out and have fun. Well, maybe not. Poor Haley only got to enjoy the first few days of spring break because on Wednesday, March 9th she had her wisdom teeth removed. Everything went great and we were on our way home from her appointment within an hour after getting there. It was frightening how fast they broke those babies out of the bone, three were totally impacted and one partially, and had us on our way. She was a trooper, mostly. She didn't cry about pain. Didn't complain too much about not being able to eat. However, she was very emotional and very full of love for her best friends Liza and Tiff and can't wait for Talise to get home from her mission in just two weeks!

We were checking the mail every day, sometimes three times a day, but no mission call. Then the day came. Saturday, March 12th, Haley felt well enough to check the mail. She opened the mailbox, started to cry and pulled out the white envelope addressed to Sister Haley Nicole Fishburn. Wow, that was a reality check. It was really happening. She is really going on a mission. 

We were all so happy it was finally here and we weren't going to have to wait another week for her to be home to open it. The anticipation was brutal. It sat on the table in the entryway all day long. I promise it was screaming at me to open it but she threatened to call the police if I opened her mail. (It's a federal offense and she was willing to press charges). She set the time of 9:30pm to open her call. As the hours very slowly passed she got more excited. At 8:00pm she was about to burst. Her friends started to show up around 9:00pm. It was so hard not to rip that baby open and just yell it out but I restrained, I mean after all I didn't want to end up in a federal prison for breaking the law.

And now, presenting Sister Haley Nicole Fishburn as she announces to the world where she will be serving the Lord for 18 months.

Say what?! Did she just say what I think she said?! Wow, none us saw that one coming!!! Totally shocker there. So excited for her to go. She will be an amazing missionary, but of course I think that, I wouldn't be a typical mom if I didn't think that.

Thanks for tuning in to see where in the world she is going. Below I will post pictures from her opening for your enjoyment.

Medical Papers...check

It was discovered on February 10, 2016 that the doctor forgot to mail Haley's medical papers to her Bishop. (The sweet nurse confided in us that they were actually in a big stack on his desk that were forgotten about.) Being the anxious mother I headed on over to the doctor's office to pick them up so Haley could mail them herself. She was not every excited about me taking pictures of her walking into the post office, standing in line and then actually handing the envelope to the postal employee. Being the mom I am I simply took the pictures anyway. Someday she may thank me for them.

Next item on the list is the dreaded wisdom teeth.