Monday, June 26, 2017

After all this time..

All I can say is at least I'm consistent.

Why am I consistent? Well. I forgot the scriptures for y'all again. #classic. So sorry bout that. I had some good ones this week too. GOSH DARN IT. It's okay. Just promise me you'll read your scriptures on your own, okay?

In other news I have finished journal #2 (shoutout to Liza for that one) and am now starting journal #3 (shoutout to Talise for that one). I feel like that's how you know you're getting far into your mission; when you have to start writing in a third journal. Crazy stuff, right?


Bowling with the elders on Monday was very much fun indeed and I was just very awful indeed. So there's that. Tomori Shimai's only gone bowling twice in her life and she beat me. Isn't there a saying that goes something like "whatever you're good at, there's an Asian that does it 10 times better than you"? I can testify that that statement is true.

On two separate occasions this week we went to visit potential investigators and they were just definitely home (we could see their lights and such) and they just definitely did not answer the door. So that was a real bummer. Why does no know want to talk to us?😞

Tomori Shimai went to the dentist twice this week and I think all the people there were wondering why there was a random gaijin sitting in the waiting room. It was also funny when a lady sat down next to me and I complimented her Hello Kitty bag and she was so shocked to hear Japanese come out of my mouth. No one ever thinks the gaijin can speak Japanese. Ever. Hahaha but I like to say what little I can and amaze them with my mad skillz (that's a joke, I don't have mad skillz).

As for the investigators: no one likes us anymore. No one can meet (or they don't show up to lessons. Rude, right?) and our one investigator who can meet won't accept the baptismal invitation sooo.. yeah. Not much news on that. Also, no one EVER wants to exchange contact information when we meet people on the street. WHY, PEOPLE!? WHY!? Wait. I know why. They're frightened by the amount of frizz that is on my head. Seriously. The frizz is real bad and it's becoming a problem.

There is a family here in Hachioji that is semi less active and their son turns eight next week so we've been working with them to help get him ready for baptism. He really wants his dad to baptize him but the problem is, I have never seen his dad at church. Ever. Until yesterday! We visited them earlier this week and we're leaving right as he got home from work and asked if he'd be able to come to church on Sunday and she said probably and he came!! Yay!! Things are starting to look like he'll be able to baptize his son!

Hahahahahahaha again with the #classic. We were heart attacking a family last night that we always have dinner appointments with and as we were about to tape the last thing (a picture) on their door THEY FREAKING OPEN THE DOOR. So naturally the first thing Tomori Shimai and I both do is run. Just sprint. But then at the exact same time we both stop, turn around, and just smile at the dad. Hahahaha he was like "uhh.. what are you doing?" Hahaha so we gave them the picture and acted like we weren't doing anything suspicious at all. And then they gave us apple juice. Nice.

Thank you to my fambam for the package and the letters for my year mark! Well, thank you to everyone except Macrae because dweeb didn't write a letter. But I still love him. He just doesn't get any thanks. Anywho, so many treats! I think I'm going to make the no bake cookies tonight and take some with us when we go visit some members tomorrow. Give them some of that authentic Fishburn love through a Fishburn favorite. I'm excited. Also, I'm hoping that when I make the brownies, I don't mess them up this time.. because I was so sad last time..that's my life.

Well, fam. It's been real. Have a good week!!

Stay safe. Stay classy. Stay sassy.

Love you!


Ramen with the district🍜
Bowling with the district and our beloved Misu Kyoudai🎳

Bowling with the district 🎳

I feel like this picture just makes me look like
even more of a giant. I know that's not what it's
meant to do but I feel like that was the outcome..

Zone Conference picture from last transfer (yes, I'm a little behind. So sorry).

Monday, June 19, 2017

Week 52-- who knew I could even count that high?

I would like to start today by reporting on the trip to the zoo. I'm sorry to all those Hoogle Zoo enthusiasts out there buuuut Tama Zoo is like 30 times better than Hoogle Zoo. I'm sorry. But it's true. It was so cool! We were there for like 3ish hours and didn't even see everything. They have a butterfly building where butterflies are just free and fly around and land on the elders and it's magical, y'all. Also, I saw a koala bear sleeping and nothing will ever beat the cutest level of that. Ever. I'm glad to report that it was a good trip and I highly recommend it to all (fam, when we come back and visit Japan, we're going, okay?).

Tomori Shimai's tooth is kind of like breaking off in little pieces (yeah, no bueno) so we went to the dentist this week and it was real fancy. Like real fancy. Japan never ceases to amaze me with it cleanliness and level of fanciness. Just in case y'all were wondering. We're also going back every week for about a month so I'll be spending much time there just soaking up the fanciness and hoping it rubs off on me a little.

One thing that I think is hilarious is that in basically every church in America there is a basketball court. In Japan, only stake centers have basketball courts and even that is iffy. BUT without a doubt, every church in Japan has a ping pong table. It kills meπŸ˜‚ and because of that of course we invite our friends and neighbors to play ping pong with us once a week and I would like you all to know that I'm still absolutely awful and will never take ping pong as seriously as the average Nihonjin. But I enjoy watching them get super into it haha it's the best. This week we had a new friend, come and she is adorable. She also came to eikaiwa and I've decided she's actually an American in disguise because she definitely does NOT act like a Nihonjin. At all.

On Friday we had a lesson with an investigator and taught the word of wisdom. As we were teaching she said some beautiful words. Those words were "oh, I don't do any of these things! This is easy! Of course these things are bad for you". Well. She's kinjin, y'all. But she still won't commit to baptism so that's frustrating but whatever. After her lesson we were walking her out of the church and it was raining REAL hard. And then it started to hail. Yup. BIG hail. So naturally Tomori Shimai and I both ran outside to play in it😊 Ogawa San and two other members that were there thought we were hilarious haha I'll send some pictures and videos for y'all to enjoy.

On Saturday we were able to go with quite a few ward members to a retirement home and sing some traditional Japanese songs and talk to the people there. It was so fun. I'm convinced Nihonjin are much cuter when they get old than Americans are when they get old. Old Nihonjin are my favorite. SO CUTE. Every time we finished a song or something one lady would always say "ohh jouzu" meaning "so good!" Haha she was so darn cute. I was in heaven. I want to be Nihonjin just so I can be as cute as they are when I'm old. That's my life dream.

Yesterday (Sunday) was Tomori Shimai's birthday so happy birthday to my beloved companion, Tomori Shimai! She hates that she's now 21 and I think it's slightly hilarious how much she hates that hahahahahahaha


This week there's a lot of scriptures.. just think of it as making up for the weeks when I forgot or only had like 2😬 Alma 26:14, 32-33, 37, Alma 29:9-10, Alma 31:5, Alma 32:37-38, Alma 33:4-11, and Alma 34:38, 40-41. Again, remember the loveπŸ’™

In other news this week, I have reached transfer 8. Gross. That's what transfer Porter Shimai was when she trained me. That's crazy to think about. This week on Thursday I will hit my year mark. That's also disgusting.


Stay safe. Stay classy. Stay sassy.

Love you!


Elder Languidly made a friend that stayed with him for like 10 minutes.

Squading up for that district photobomb✌🏻

Representing the beehive state all the way in Japan

I love the zoo😻

You know you live in Japan when your first instinct
when taking a picture is to throw up the peace sign.

"When you take a missionary to the zoo.." am I the only one who thinks
this looks like a bunch of private school kids on a school field trip?

The freak hail storm we had.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Field tripπŸ»πŸΌπŸ¨πŸ―πŸ¦πŸ·πŸ’πŸΈπŸ¦‡πŸ¦„πŸ’πŸ¦‹πŸ™πŸ‘πŸŠπŸ˜πŸ¦πŸ¦ƒ

Yes. It's field trip day here in Hachiōji. That means that I get to go to the zoo today! We're going as a district to the Tama zoo and we're all pretty excited☺️

This week was crazy busy, as usual. We had another lesson with one of our investigators and I love that woman. She's not really progressing right now and it breaks my heart. She thinks what we're teaching her is good and true but she doesn't really pray. She has so much potential but it's just not happening right now for her. Maybe right now just isn't her time.. but we'll continue to pray for her and try to help her progress.

Hahaha we visited a member for her birthday and took her some banana bread (because we're poor missionaries and that's all we could do..) and she ended up giving us some little cakes she got for her birthday from a friend and driving us back to the church so we weren't late for curfew. She's the best hahaha we just wanted to let her know we were thinking of her and we ended up leaving with more than we came with. Gotta love her!

This past week was MLC (mission leadership conference) so Tomori Shimai went to that since she's a STL and I went on splits in Machida with To'angutu Shimai. It was a good time. We taught a lesson to one of their investigators and we basically just taught about Christ and testified of Him and His Atonement. At the end, To'angutu Shimai wanted to invite the investigator to be baptized when she receives an answer that this gospel is true but she couldn't remember how to say it in Japanese and she frantically looked at me so I ended up inviting their investigator to be baptized haha but she said yes (in a very roundabout way but it was still a yes)! So that was good!

We had a lesson with the always adorable Mahiro chan and she is so funny hahaha I love her. Last lesson we gave her her own Book of Mormon and asked her to read the introduction, Moroni 10:3-5 and pray about it. She read from the Book of Mormon but didn't read where we asked her to so when we asked her where she read she was just like "uhh.. I don't know.. I just opened the book" haha so we clarified this time and read Moroni 10:3-5 with her. She also said she prayed!! Yay!!! Tomori Shimai also invited her to be baptized and we were expecting her to basically say no to us but she actually thought about it a lot. She didn't give us an actual answer but it went waaaaaay better than we thought it would so we're pretty happy with her right now haha. One day she'll be baptized. I know it:)

Okay. We have found a kinjin but said kinjin is insanely busy and can only meet one Friday out of the month. But as we were teaching her on Friday she was SO focused on us and asked so many good questions and took notes (really, haha she is so cute) and you could just tell she wanted to truly understand the message of the Restoration. It was so great. Hopefully we'll be able to meet with her more frequently and help her continue to draw closer to our Father in Heaven and our Savior. It was so good!!

Okay. The transfer is coming to an end. That's so weird. Transfer seven ends this week for me. Where did the time go? And with the transfer coming to an end, transfer announcements also happened last week. Aaaaaaaaaand. I'm staying in Hachiōji with Tomori Shimai! So we'll be together again next transfer which actually makes life a whole lot easier. Also, that means I'll be in Hachiōji for my year mark! Haha kind of funny how I was here for my 100th day and now I'll be here for my year mark. Crazy, yo.

Scriptures!! Please enjoy and remember the loveπŸ’™ Alma 13:22-25, Alma 15:6-11, Alma 16-17, Alma 17:10, and Alma 19:23.

I will stop bothering y'all with my incessant ranting and let you get
back to normal life now.

Have a good week!!

Stay safe. Stay classy. Stay sassy.

Love you!


Splits in Machida with my Kiwi,
To'angutu Shimai.

 To'angutu Shimai and I actually went on splits twice this week so these pictures are from Saturday. The first one we were trying to look like we weren't melting from the humidity and heat of Tokyo in the summer and the second one we just accepted our fate for what it is. I like her. She's my favorite Kiwi.

Monday, June 5, 2017

I wish I was Poly.

Some weeks fly by and I'm like "wow, this week was so fast! There's no way it's Monday again and I'm emailing family!" But then there are other weeks where it feels like Monday is never going to come and I'm stuck in "Groundhog Day" mode living the same day over and over again. This week unfortunately fell in the latter category. It was a long week. But that doesn't mean it was a bad week! It was just long haha.

This week we had splits again with the Kofu sisters buuuut Tomori Shimai really wanted to go to Kofu because she's never been so I got to stay in Hachioji and Cranston Shimai came here. We didn't get to actually do anything super productive because we had district meeting and then after had to go catch the train to Ōtsuki because it takes forever to get there. So yeah, not much happened during that split but it was still a good time. I've also realized that when I'm with people who speak English as their first language I never shut up and I feel so bad for Cranston Shimai having to deal with that. Oops.

I have decided that the Hachioji members are probably some of the best people in the entire world. We had dinner with one sister this week and she made SO much food. So much food. I really did think I was going to explode I ate so much. She just kept giving us more and more food. I also decided I don't like wasabi. Not my thing. We also had a dinner/family home evening with the Tsukada couple and their daughters family, the Nakazawa's. The Tsukada dinners are always so fun. I love them. This one was kind of smaller because normally a lot of other members come and such but for some reason this week people were sick or had to do stuff for school or what not so it wasn't the same but still fun and I love the Tsukada's and the Nakazawa's.

On Saturday some of the missionaries put on a Polynesian Night in Kichijoji and we got to go with two of our potential investigators. On the way to Kichijoji we were able to talk about prayer and just kind of start to get them thinking about prayer and how we can talk with God through it (I think that's the coolest thing to teach). It was a good time. And Polynesian Night was so much fun. Oh my. Seriously, I want to be Polynesian. We have missionaries serving here from New Zealand, Australia, and Hawaii and missionaries who have Samoan, Tongan, and Niue(?) heritage. So they all talked about their cultures and did traditional dances and shared how the gospel was first introduced into their cultures. It was so cool. Not going to lie, the thought of transferring to BYU-Hawaii crossed my mind. Just so I could
be surrounded by Polynesians and their culture.

Well. That's all folks. I hope you all have had a good week and have a good week this week!

No, don't worry. I did not forget this weeks scriptures. Mosiah 29:20, Alma 5:7-9, Alma 7:7, Alma 8:10, Alma 9:26, and Alma 11:27. Remember the loveπŸ’™

Stay safe. Stay classy. Stay sassy.

Love you!


I saw my beloved Michiko Shimai at Polynesian Night!!
My heart was filled with so much joy in this moment.

Tomori Shimai drew me while we were waiting
for an investigator to come (she never came😒).

Miyu Shimai. She's so cute. She's the former
bishops daughter and I quite like her.