Monday, June 26, 2017

After all this time..

All I can say is at least I'm consistent.

Why am I consistent? Well. I forgot the scriptures for y'all again. #classic. So sorry bout that. I had some good ones this week too. GOSH DARN IT. It's okay. Just promise me you'll read your scriptures on your own, okay?

In other news I have finished journal #2 (shoutout to Liza for that one) and am now starting journal #3 (shoutout to Talise for that one). I feel like that's how you know you're getting far into your mission; when you have to start writing in a third journal. Crazy stuff, right?


Bowling with the elders on Monday was very much fun indeed and I was just very awful indeed. So there's that. Tomori Shimai's only gone bowling twice in her life and she beat me. Isn't there a saying that goes something like "whatever you're good at, there's an Asian that does it 10 times better than you"? I can testify that that statement is true.

On two separate occasions this week we went to visit potential investigators and they were just definitely home (we could see their lights and such) and they just definitely did not answer the door. So that was a real bummer. Why does no know want to talk to us?😞

Tomori Shimai went to the dentist twice this week and I think all the people there were wondering why there was a random gaijin sitting in the waiting room. It was also funny when a lady sat down next to me and I complimented her Hello Kitty bag and she was so shocked to hear Japanese come out of my mouth. No one ever thinks the gaijin can speak Japanese. Ever. Hahaha but I like to say what little I can and amaze them with my mad skillz (that's a joke, I don't have mad skillz).

As for the investigators: no one likes us anymore. No one can meet (or they don't show up to lessons. Rude, right?) and our one investigator who can meet won't accept the baptismal invitation sooo.. yeah. Not much news on that. Also, no one EVER wants to exchange contact information when we meet people on the street. WHY, PEOPLE!? WHY!? Wait. I know why. They're frightened by the amount of frizz that is on my head. Seriously. The frizz is real bad and it's becoming a problem.

There is a family here in Hachioji that is semi less active and their son turns eight next week so we've been working with them to help get him ready for baptism. He really wants his dad to baptize him but the problem is, I have never seen his dad at church. Ever. Until yesterday! We visited them earlier this week and we're leaving right as he got home from work and asked if he'd be able to come to church on Sunday and she said probably and he came!! Yay!! Things are starting to look like he'll be able to baptize his son!

Hahahahahahaha again with the #classic. We were heart attacking a family last night that we always have dinner appointments with and as we were about to tape the last thing (a picture) on their door THEY FREAKING OPEN THE DOOR. So naturally the first thing Tomori Shimai and I both do is run. Just sprint. But then at the exact same time we both stop, turn around, and just smile at the dad. Hahahaha he was like "uhh.. what are you doing?" Hahaha so we gave them the picture and acted like we weren't doing anything suspicious at all. And then they gave us apple juice. Nice.

Thank you to my fambam for the package and the letters for my year mark! Well, thank you to everyone except Macrae because dweeb didn't write a letter. But I still love him. He just doesn't get any thanks. Anywho, so many treats! I think I'm going to make the no bake cookies tonight and take some with us when we go visit some members tomorrow. Give them some of that authentic Fishburn love through a Fishburn favorite. I'm excited. Also, I'm hoping that when I make the brownies, I don't mess them up this time.. because I was so sad last time..that's my life.

Well, fam. It's been real. Have a good week!!

Stay safe. Stay classy. Stay sassy.

Love you!


Ramen with the district🍜
Bowling with the district and our beloved Misu Kyoudai🎳

Bowling with the district 🎳

I feel like this picture just makes me look like
even more of a giant. I know that's not what it's
meant to do but I feel like that was the outcome..

Zone Conference picture from last transfer (yes, I'm a little behind. So sorry).

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