Monday, May 22, 2017

I ate Cap'n Crunch for breakfast💛

Yup. In celebration of 11 months of being a missionary I treated myself to some Cap'n Crunch. 'Twas a good decision.

I feel like as I get farther along in my missionary life I should be getting better at managing time and planning when we'll have lessons and stuff so that everything isn't as frantic but man, I feel like I'm just getting worse. It's always a crazy time around here and I feel like Tomori Shimai and I probably look something a lot like chickens running around without their heads. But I think we're making it work!

Can I just express the frustration I feel when we have an investigator who believes everything is true but won't come to church or commit to baptism? It's insane. It boggles my mind. Just come to church!

We met with my home girl investigator again this week after a bit of a break and she was good! Last time we talked about the word of wisdom buuuuut she didn't really keep that commitment so we talked about it some more but this time we had a member there with us, Furui Shimai, and she shared her own experience of how when she was an investigator she was not too keen on the idea of giving up coffee but she tried it for a week and because of the reaction of complete joy the sisters showed when she told them she did it, she kept following it. I think it was exactly what this investigator needed to hear because it come from
someone who had been through what she is currently going through, not from two 20 year old girls who haven't ever even thought about having a problem with the word of wisdom. Member present lessons are the best!

On Saturday we went to Takao to their ping pong "party" because there were a few girls who said they were going to come and they did! Yay! It was a good time and they are probably going to go to the Polynesian night in Kichijoji with us in a few weeks! After we decided that since we were in Takao we might as well try and visit some people from the area book (which is a complete mess right now). People either weren't home or actually didn't have interest.. but we tried! And we talked to a few nice people and gave out a few pamphlets and a copy of the Book of Mormon so it was a good day if you ask me! But man, it was real hot. Real hot. I'm already starting to get a tan line from my watch and I don't know if that makes me happy or sad.. yeah, I don't really know.

Yesterday in an effort to clean up our awful area book we went to visit a few potential investigators that live in Kita-Hachiōji (a place I myself or my companion have never been before) and as we were walking to the second lady's house I looked over and saw a member! Hahaha my beloved Mori Shimai was at the apartment building of this lady! Mori Shimai's mom lived in the same apartment and she was there cleaning it out because she passed away a few months ago. But she was so happy to see us and even introduced us to almost all of the people who live on the first floor of the apartment building hahaha she's the
greatest. Again, no one really had interest but we were definitely happy to see Mori Shimai and we're grateful she was willing to help us try and find God's prepared children! As we were walking back to the train station we decided to house a random apartment building and we found a potential investigator for the elders who was super nice and seemed to be decently interested in our message. Yay! That's all we could ever ask for haha so we gave him a plan of salvation pamphlet and asked if the elders could visit him again and he said yes! A woot woot🎉 yup. Good time, indeed.

Guess who actually has scriptures to share! I have slacked on my missionary duty to share scriptures. I'm very sorry. Please forgive me. But here are this weeks scriptures for y'all! Mosiah 3:20, Mosiah 4:15, Mosiah 5:7, Mosiah 6:7, and Mosiah 7:19. Remember to think about love!💙

I hope you had a good week last week and have an even better week this week!

Stay safe. Stay classy. Stay sassy.

Love you!


Temple pictures last week

Living that contacting life✌🏻

Here's the cherry blossoms for ya!

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