Monday, May 15, 2017

New record: I only cried once this week✌🏻

Yup. Only once, are y'all proud? And it was all my family's fault. Because I got to skype them!! Ahhhhhh y'all are the greatest. Saying goodbye almost killed me but it's okay because only 7 months and I'll see your averagely good looking faces again! Wow. Time flies, right? Also, happy late Mother's Day, mama💕

Weeeeell here we are again, another week, another email with a subject line I spent way too much time thinking of and still isn't witty or funny, another early morning. Yup. Everything is the same here in Japan! That's one thing you can count on as a missionary; consistency.

This past week was kind of crazy. But then again, almost every week is kind of crazy. There we go again with the consistency!

A few good miracles of the week: after eikaiwa in our gospel discussion class Tomori Shimai and I taught the English one. One of the men that came had a seriously deep thinking face on afterwards so I asked him if I could answer any questions for him. He just kind of looked at me like "I don't know if you can" and then he said "I don't know if it's the right time to ask them". Uhh what do you mean, homie? But he asked anyway and they were basically all about the plan of salvation and I was like "bro, this is the perfect time to ask! You're in a room with four missionaries!" So I answered the best I could and then gave him a plan of salvation pamphlet and he said he'd read it! Yay! His wife said she'll read it too! They're super prepared. They just need to realize that haha

Moving onto our next miracle of the week: we had ping pong night. Yup. Such a miracle, right? It is. Because one of our eikaiwa students came and the elders shared a scripture from the Book of Mormon and so Tomori Shimai pulled out one so that the student could read along and then after we were talking about the Book of Mormon and she said "it sounds like one big story book! I wanna read it!" Please, read it, my friend. She also said she wants to come to church! Wow. Kinjin everywhere.

Aaaand the next miracle is we have another eikaiwa student that's my same age and she has read the plan of salvation pamphlet and really liked it. We had invited her to church a few weeks ago but she went to Hokkaido to see family so she couldn't come and then she said "it's so early!" So we were bad missionaries and didn't have much hope for her showing up to church. But wait! We should've had more faith because she came! She was able to come for Sunday school and for sacrament meeting! Yay!!! Miracles everywhere, yo.

And of course the miracle that I didn't cry during this skype until the end instead of at the beginning like I did at Christmas.

And of course I have scriptures for y'all because I'm a missionary buuut those are written in my planner and I'm currently writing this while standing up on the train to the temple so I'll try and add those later. If I don't, please still read your scriptures. They're good for ya.

Well. I think that's about it for this week. Oh hahahaha so we had Zone meeting yesterday and temple pday today so since Kofu is so far away from everything, the Kofu sisters slept at out apartment and one of them, Sato Shimai, was talking to the office staff about some things on the phone and she told them that our new apartment was so small and the word she used in Japanese translates into English as "pathetic" or "pitiful" so maybe I'll move again! Haha who knows but Tomori Shimai and I were laughing pretty hard when she said that.

Okay, I'm done with this weeks rambles. Please know I love you all and am praying for you!! Have a good week!!

Stay safe. Stay classy. Stay sassy.

Love you!


I got to go back and do some good dendō in Kichijoji this week while Tomori Shimai was at training for being a new sister training leader and I found this weird wall. I liked it. 

The elders told us to "be strong!" So yeah. I don't really know.
Classic picture for y'all

Temple with the lovely (but kinda small) Tomori Shimai

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