Monday, May 8, 2017

Yes, I can make real Mexican tortillas from scratch now 🌮


I know, that's not something I thought I'd learn how to do on my mission in Japan either.

On Tuesday we had our tacos party and it was great! Way more people came than we thought would which is always good! But we ran out of veggies to put in the tacos.. but people were still happy so all is well😊 we also were able to invite a lot of people to come to church so that was a bonus and the members that came were great and talked to everyone and helped a toooon. 'Twas good.

Having a companion that's going home is exhausting that last week. Wow. I'm pooped. But I survived so that's good.

We had a new student come to eikaiwa on Wednesday and she came to ping pong night on Thursday! Yay! I was asking her if she had ever thought about God before and she said she hadn't but she wanted to learn. Whaaaat? Yaaaaas. So I invited her to take lessons and she just kind of brushed it off with "if I have time.." so I invited her to church oSunday and she didn't say anything so that was that. Buuuuut as we were leaving ping pong night she said "see you Sunday!" And so Tomori Shimai and I stayed and talked to her and she said she wanted to come! So then Sunday rolls around and we're standing outside of the church waiting for her and it's like 8:58 and she's still not there. We were feeling kind of discouraged at this point because she said she'd meet us at 8:50. BUT then she comes running around the corner and apologized for being late! She came! Yayayayayayay!! She wasn't able to stay for sacrament meeting but she stayed for relief society and Sunday school. Again, the members were great and helped explain a lot of what of what was going on because we hadn't been able to really teach her anything other than very basic things at ping pong night. But yes, members are the best and I love them.

It's getting hot here. Real hot. Saturday we were outside allll day long and I was melting. So hot. So humid. So gross. And it's only May. I'm in trouble for this next summer. Please pray that I won't sweat away into nothing. Just kidding. Kind of..

This week was a long week but it was a good week. Tomori Shimai is stinking adorable. Seriously. She is hilarious, too😂 she isn't really comfortable with English so we speak mainly Japanese together and it's seriously been pushing me. My brain always hurts but it's a good chance to grow, right? She's a real hard worker and I feel like I'm going to be dead tired every day this transfer but I like it😊 she is from Okinawa and turns 21 next month. I'm super excited for the rest of this transfer with her! Much pumpedness is being felt right now.

Scriptures! Yeah! Scriptures! Wooh! Awoot woot🎉 2 Nephi 28:30, 2 Nephi 29:7-8, 2 Nephi 30:5-8, and 2 Nephi 33:3. I'm still studying about love💙(blue heart because the Book of Mormon is blue) so find the love, my friends💕

Stay safe. Stay classy. Stay sassy.


Happiness in a jar!

Transfer daaaaaay

Transfer daaaaaay

Transfer daaaaaay

Transfer daaaaaay

Tomori Shimai and I while we were out
trying to find God's prepared children

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