Monday, May 1, 2017

Only the lucky get to return...

... to the promised land of Hachioji, that is. As many of you know, we got transfer calls on Saturday! Ahhhh! Dad said he was betting I'd be a trainer and fortunately he was wrong. I'm still junior companion. And my new companion will be Tomori Shimai! She came here to Hachiōji after I left and was with Porter Shimai for two transfers here and then left for three transfers. But she's coming back! The elders that are leaving this transfer are praying that they'll be lucky like Tomori Shimai and I and get to come back. But not everyone is as lucky as we are so we shall see what happens with them haha. Tomori Shimai is the cutest. She's super tiny. Like real tiny. She's like 4 foot 9ish. She's itty bitty. I have accepted that I'll never have a tall companion. I also realized that I'm pretty sure I'm the tallest sister left in the mission and she's the shortest. This is just my typical life. But I'm excited to work with her here in the beautiful Hachioji! Also. My mind is being blown by the fact that on Thursday I will be a transfer 7. When the frick did that happen?

This week we started having gospel discussions after English class for those who are interested and we had a total of 12 people stay. TWELVE! That's amazing! So cool. And one of them is named Helen. She started coming to eikaiwa a few weeks ago and is super nice. The gospel discussion was about who we think God is and after she told me "I believe in God. But I think I believe in a different God than you." And all I could think was "thats more than most Nihonjin can say!" So we told her if she wants to learn more about who we believe God is we can teach her and she said yes! Yay! We also talked to her about prayer and how we can come to know that God is there and to better know Him through prayer. I gave her a little how to pray booklet made by the insanely talented Kawamitsu Shimai and she was so excited! She kept saying that she can't wait to try and pray using it! Yaaaaaaaaas. She is so great! As she was leaving the church she saw the Liahona's we have in the entry way of the church and we told her if she wanted she could have one and she looked at us like "really!?" And then asked if she could take one in English and Japanese and was so happy when we
told her yes haha seriously, so great. I have great hope in her. She also came to our ping pong night with her daughter and wants to come to our tortilla night we're doing on Tuesday! Yay!!! So pumped.

The Elders all work real hard and find us a million potential investigators so we went and visited one on Saturday and she was super nice. She straight up told us that she doesn't want to join our church but she wants to learn more about it and SHE ASKED US IF SHE CAN COME TO CHURCH *jaw drop*. Yes. That happened. She's busy right now because it's Golden Week (like 4 holidays all in the same week) but she said she really wants to come. Yayayayayayayay! Hopefully she'll come to church and feel the spirit and have more of a desire to learn with us and one day receive the wonderful gift of baptism and the Holy Ghost😊

This week I don't have a scripture for you because instead I have a letter for you from someone very special. Please enjoy. It's a little long but a member shared it with us in church yesterday and I want everyone to read it as well.

"My Special Child,
    I remember well the day you left my side, wandered through the veil and ventured for to fulfill your earthly mission. I had a tear in my eye each time I clothed your spirit in a cloak of love and sent you off to school. Be assured that my thoughts are with you now, as always.
    I love you with all my heart. I know your life, the good, the bad, your grief, you disappointments, your unrewarded efforts, your frustrations, your temptations. But always remember, all that I have is yours if you will only come home again.
    Dearest child, realize that in you I have placed a bit of heaven, no one was exempt. I love all of my children. You have some blest gift, some talent, some little part of me in you. Search for it, develop it, use it, and most importantly, share it with others. If you really love me then help others find themselves and lead them to me. Show your love by serving others.
    Repent of your failings and humble yourself. Make yourself ever teachable and continually strive to improve. I gave you weaknesses to help you to be humble. Don't condemn me for that. I did it because I love you. I'll come if you need me.
    Cease your idle contentions. Be a peacemaker, for it breaks my heart to see so many of my children fighting. If they could only see what I have helped, planned, and desired for them. My heart breaks as I watch them. But you, my faithful child, are my hope. It is through you that my work must proceed. You haven't much time and there is so much to be done. I beg you to get started. Accomplish the mission I gave to you before you left me. I'm nearer to you always than you might suspect. I have so much I would like to tell you but I can't here.
   Come to me often in prayer. I love to talk to you, my beloved child. Be diligent in my work and my kingdom shall be yours. I'd love to talk to you in my arms, but, I too, must wait patiently. That time will come. Till then, I leave you with peace, my blessing, my love, and never forget I am nearby whenever you need me.
    I love you and miss you so much, and how I am looking forward to your return again to me.
                       All my love,
                           Heavenly Father"

I love you all so much and I hope this week is a good one for ya!
Please know I'm always thinking about you and I can't wait to see your
bright, smiling faces in 13 days!!!!!

Stay safe. Stay classy. Stay sassy.

I love you!

I went to China Town
Our investigator, Ogawa San and our rocking members,
Masako Shimai and Mori Shimai, who came to the lesson with us.

My (male) Chinese BFF, Chouyo.
He's going on a mission, y'all!!

My beloved Minami Shimai and her adorable baby girl, Hinata chan.

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